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You have an idea about a mobile app in your imagination, don’t you? Great! We are here to make your imagination a reality. We, at Persystance Networks, create custom mobile apps to suit your needs, budget, and timeline.

As one of the leading mobile app development companies in Sri Lanka, we have developed thousands of innovative mobile apps for various businesses from startups to large enterprises over the last 20 years. Our solid expertise in mobile app development helped them to build and grow their businesses with higher ROI. Just as we helped them, we can help you too to write your success story using our experience, knowledge, and skills. Our talented app developers blend creativity and technical expertise together to provide you the best mobile experience you can ever have.

ecommerce app
ecommerce app

In today's mobile-immersed world, if you still have not implemented a mobile app solution for your business, then you are definitely far behind your competitors. Don't worry. You are not late yet. Let us build the best user-focused mobile app for your business. Our apps are reliable, robust, and secure. You will have many powerful features, the best user experience, and greater flexibility. Because we build apps for both platforms: Android and iOS. We are the best Android and iOS app developers in Sri Lanka and we promise you cost-effective mobile applications for your needs without compromising the quality.

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How We Develop Your Mobile Application?

Before we start to develop your mobile app, we work closely with you to understand your business, your requirements, your goals, your competitors, and your potential customers. So we do an in-depth analysis of these facts. Based on that analysis, we create a unique strategy that unlocks the maximum potential of mobile technology for your business growth. So, in the end, you will get the best mobile app for your business that is tailored to your business goals and expectations.

We take your business idea from conceptualization to a compelling app on Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store

Key Features Of Our Mobile App Development Service

Our Mobile App Development Service

We develop end-to-end mobile applications on various platforms leveraging cutting-edge technologies, intelligent algorithms, and strategic methods. Our mobile app development services includes

We develop custom end-to-end mobile apps on native Android, iOS, or cross-platform. If you want a hybrid app, we can do it too.

Android App Development

Our seasoned Android developers build high performing premium quality Android apps using Java or Kotlin to give a fast and seamless mobile experience for your customers.

iOS App Development

Our seasoned iOS designers and developers build intuitive, compelling, and easy-to-learn iOS apps, mainly using Objective-C or Swift and following Human Interface Guidelines (HIG)

Cross-platform App Development

If you can not invest more money and time in developing two separate apps for Android and iOS, then the best choice will be cross-platform app development. We develop cross-platform apps mainly using Xamarin, React Native, and Flutter.

Hybrid App Development

If you do not have enough money and time to invest even in a cross-platform app, the last option will be hybrid mobile apps. It takes less time to develop and is easy to maintain compared to native apps.

Our expert UX/UI development team is well-versed in designing modern and interactive user interfaces to provide a user-friendly mobile experience to your customers.

If you want to have a secure, robust, and scalable backend for your mobile app, you can easily accomplish it through our extensive app back-end development service.

We assist you in integrating third-party APIs with your mobile app to make your online presence more appealing. We cover almost all third-party API integrations.

Payment Gateway Integration
SMS Gateway Apps
Shipping APIs
BLE Integration
MDM Integration
Wearable Integration
Chat Server Integration
Beacon Integration
mBAAS Integration
GPS, Navigation Integration

You have an idea or concept for an app. But you are not sure if it is feasible. So you want to test it. Is this similar to your situation? Then don't worry. We are here to help you. We will build an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) to validate your idea or feasibility of your concept within your business environment and current technical capacity. This will ensure that your investment will not be waste before starting the real-time app development.

If you want to migrate your mobile app to a different platform or redesign, redevelop, or improve the existing one for better performance? Don’t worry. Our talented app developers will fulfil your needs with the utmost efficiency and with your business goals in mind.

If you have an idea to develop a mobile solution but do not know what to do or lack of comprehension, then talk to our experts today. They will understand your requirements and suggest the best platform and the best development approach for converting your idea to a live product. They even suggest improvements for your concept to get the best out of it.

We provide 24x7 customer support and maintenance at all the development stages, even after the deployment, to ensure your operations run smoothly.

Our Mobile App Development Service

Our agile process ensures that your time and investment will not be wasted but optimized. As the result of this, you will get a mobile application that exactly meets your and your customers' needs and even goes beyond your expectations in the end.

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