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& Token Creation Service

Change The Future Of Finance With Persystance Networks

You can have ultimate financial control, flexibility as well as security for your fast-growing business with our custom cryptocurrency solutions. Have your own crypto coin or token using highly secured blockchain technology with Persystance Networks.
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What Benefits Can You Gain Through Cryptocurrencies?

Cryptocurrencies have reinvented transaction methods, disrupting
the financial industry globally. You can have many advantages for your business
by developing your own cryptocurrencies. Some of them are:

Persystance Cryptocurrency Development Service

We provide you a complete, custom cryptocurrency creation service with the below benefits.

High level of security

The same level of security like Ethereum blockchain does have

Many users

Many user &
Fast transaction speed


Unable to edit or delete any
transaction or record

Our Cryptocurrency Development Process

This is our tried and true approach for developing custom cryptocurrencies

Planning and Execution

In this phase, we analyze, review, and identify what are the best blockchain algorithms, forking, mining setup, hash values, and many more things for your project

White paper creation

We create your white paper, including your overall project details, future plans, roadmaps, and many more things

Technical design phase

This phase includes setting up the wallet, connecting nodes, exploring setup, and many more things

Development phase

In this phase, we implement algorithms, hash values, wallet creation, and many more things

Testing and Deployment

We test and deploy your cryptocurrency project at this stage. We check whether every feature and node is working properly. Further, we track and fix possible bugs in the project

Launch and Marketing

We launch your newly created cryptocurrency with unique marketing strategies

What is the Difference Between Coin and Token
in Cryptocurrency Development

Have to create a new blockchain
No, can be created on an existing blockchain
Require thorough knowledge of blockchain technology and extensive coding skills
More investment is required for developing a new blockchain.
More investment is required for developing a new blockchain.
Only for payments
Not only for payments but also for many other purposes

What Types of Tokens We Develop

Utility Tokens for Initial Coin Offering (ICO)

Let your customers get access to current or future
products and services on your platform and pre-order
and pay for your physical or digital products.

Security Tokens for Security Token Offering (STO)

Security tokens for a wide variety of uses: as a payment method, as a representation of any physical or digital asset or entity like company shares.

Equity Tokens

Take advantage of the fund-raising opportunities with our mission-driven approach for equity token creation.

Enterprise, Custom Solutions for Tokenization

Convert your assets into digital tokens or coins with
our secure tokenization service.

If you want to do ownership fractionalization of any kind of valuable real-world assets you own such as oil, gold, real estate, and intellectual property, then you are in the right place. We tokenize your assets into tokens on various standards like ERC-20, ERC-884, ERC-1404, and many more with custom smart contracts fast and secure. If you want to create your tokens on any other blockchain platform rather than Ethereum, do not worry. We create and launch your token on any platform you want.

Benefits of Tokenization

Cash Flow
Voting Rights
Buyback Rights
Holdings in
Another Fund

Features of Tokenization

Programmable Equity Fractionalization of Larger Assets Increase in Liquidity Secure Wallet
Automated SEC Compliance No Intermediaries Global Capitalize Investment
Greater Market Efficiency Listing on Exchange platforms Tailored Smart Contracts
Customized Blockchain/Customized Complete CMS, CRM, and transactions Token transfer facility
Super Fast Funding Faster and Easier AI-Powered KYC Plug and Play Token

Step by Step Process of Tokenization

Collecting information
from the client

Analysis and planning

Platform development

Token development
and distribution

White paper creation

ICO launch

ICO marketing

Why Persystance Networks for Your Next
Cryptocurrency Development Project?

Persystance Networks is one of the best cryptocurrency development
companies with talented developers to provide you cryptocurrency
development services with bank-grade security.

Other Blockchain Development Services We Offer

We offer the most secured blockchain solutions according to your business needs using
cutting-edge technologies for start-ups, medium-sized enterprises, large enterprises,
and entrepreneurs in different industries such as trading, e-commerce, insurance,
fintech, gaming, healthcare, and many more.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform

White-label, turnkey cryptocurrency exchange platform with bank-grade security, high performance, and high-scalability. Already supports popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. Support for Altcoins in development.

Cryptocurrency Wallets

Multi-channel, highly secure, and highly scalable wallet for storing, sending, and receiving any cryptocurrencies easily and fast with the multi-signature cold storage security feature and payment gateways for easier and faster cryptocurrency transactions.

App Development

Custom dApps with many features, including reward systems as well as digital gift cards. We design your dApp with a simple, clean, and intuitive interface to optimize the user experience.

Smart Contract Development

Automate your agreements and transactions while achieving operational efficiency, reducing costs, and improving security with a high-quality smart contract. We create smart contracts on different platforms such as Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, TRON, Chaincode (Hyperledger Fabric), EOS, R3 Corda, and Neo that ensure 100% security and robustness. Moreover, we develop smart contracts for token presales as well as crowdsales.

Smart Contract Audit

Our professional and experienced audit team scans security vulnerabilities in your smart contract with automated audit reviewing and first-rate manuals.

White Paper Creation

Communicate your vision to your prospective investors successfully, boosting credibility through our well-written white papers. Our white paper creation service offers you a complete service package from planning to publication while creating competent, on-brand, unique content, graphics, and layouts. We follow the appropriate writing standards in writing your white paper. Moreover, we introduce your cryptocurrency to your potential investors, highlighting the achievable goals, and showing a clear roadmap.

Blockchain Consulting

Blockchain consulting service for any kind of questions you have on blockchain and cryptocurrency. If you do not have a clear idea about cryptocurrency development, do not worry, we will guide you to achieve the success you want. Our experts have expertise in blockchain technology. So they can understand your needs well and provide you the best solutions. Further, they will clarify what benefits those solutions will bring to your business.

ICO and STO Marketing

Grab the attention of potential customers and keep them actively using your cryptocurrency with our unique, multi-channel marketing strategies. Community support through Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Telegram, Steemit, and many more platforms. Market your cryptocurrencies and raise funds for your business through our effective and strategic marketing campaigns with an effective combination of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Public Relations (PR), email marketing, and social media marketing.

Our Recent Blockchain
and Cryptocurrency Projects

Supreme Crypx
Cryptocurrency Exchange

Modern and full-featured spot trading platform with multi-currency wallet integration

Supreme Crypx
Cryptocurrency Exchange

Modern and full-featured spot trading platform with multi-currency wallet integration

Main Technology Stack We Use

Hyperledger Fabric & Chaincode

Hyperledger Fabric is a blockchain infrastructure with a modular architecture and built-in plug-n-play features. Further, it can be described as a Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) framework based on permissions. It improves cross-industry blockchain. It is better to use Hyperledger rather than a public blockchain for business application development. Because it provides privacy and confidentiality that business applications require through its permission-based peer-to-peer architecture.

Chaincode is the word used to replace Smart Contract in Hyperledger Fabric. Without learning custom programming languages, you can write smart contracts on Hyperledger Fabric with Node.js, Go, or Java. We use Hyperledger Fabric for creating custom cryptocurrencies, due to its high flexibility, high scalability, high performance, confidentiality, and resiliency.

Some of the Main Features of
Hyperledger Fabric in Brief

In-built Permission System

With Hyperledger Fabric’s in-built permission system, you can select the persons and companies that can access your blockchain. You can even decide each person’s access level to the blockchain.

Transaction Consensus

In Hyperledger Fabric, there is no need to validate the whole block for the transaction to be valid. It is sufficient to validate only the transaction.

No Cryptocurrency Required

There is no need to implement cryptocurrencies to run the blockchain in Hyperledger Fabric.

Pluggable Consensus Mechanism

In Hyperledger Fabric, you can select the algorithm that best fits your needs due to this pluggable consensus mechanism.

Several Programming
Languages Support

In Hyperledger Fabric, you can select the algorithm that best fits your needs due to this pluggable consensus mechanism.

No Proof of Work & No Proof of Stake

Hyperledger Fabric does not require computers that solve problems all the time and users to have cryptocurrency to get consensus.

Hyperledger Technology Tools We Use

We use this tool to measure the performance of a particular blockchain implementation, using a collection of predefined use cases.
This tool is for minimizing the work required for developing, managing, and stopping blockchains.
This tool is used for gaining interoperability between ledger systems.
This tool is used to view, invoke, deploy, or query any information stored in the ledger.
This collaboration tool is used for creating blockchain business networks and speeding up the smart contracts creation and their deployment.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How does a cryptocurrency or token work?

    When a cryptocurrency or token is created, it will be stored in a secure wallet. Then the cryptocurrency or token will be further transferred to another wallet. Every transaction will get added to the blockchain and also verified.

  2. Is it secure to do transactions using cryptocurrency?

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  3. What are the cost factors of developing a cryptocurrency?

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  4. Do you offer discounts?

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  5. Can you briefly give a rough cost estimate for the project over the phone?

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  6. Do you create cryptocurrency on a partnership basis?

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  7. What factors determine the revenue of the cryptocurrency that you create for me?

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  8. How many days will you take to create my cryptocurrency?

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  9. Will you support me even after my cryptocurrency release to the market?

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